Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Guess Where...

Early the Saturday morning following Ryan's graduation we packed up, picked up a few friends, and headed to...

Still confused? Here is another hint:

Stay tuned for a lengthy and picture-full post(s) about our recent comings and goings.


So after several years of hard work, late nights and paper pushing...Ryan graduated from Dixie State! He earned a Bachelor's of Science in Accounting...and to top it all of he was recognized as Magna Cum Laude for his 3.85 GPA! Only 2 other Accounting majors received the same honor's level. I have to say, I am crazy proud of him and his accomplishments. He truly is the most hardworking and dedicated man I know. Because I know he'll be embarrassed if he ever reads this...I'll leave it at that. But just know I basically adore him.

As far as future plans go...he starts summer school at SUU on June 1st, where he will be pursuing a Masters of Accounting. While summer school sounds like a will enable him to graduate next May when I finish up the nursing program. That way we will both be finished and ready to go where ever jobs take us.

So purely for your enjoyment (and because I think he is pretty darn cute) here are a few more pics of the historic day...

Ryan and his beautiful mom, Laurene

The Holts and Browns

The Wrights

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My Sincerest Apologies

So you see I have a problem. A legitimate ethics-based problem. In the lovely little post right below this one, I made a promise. Now generally, I have to say I am a pretty honest-abe type of person (I mean I have had my slip-ups just like everyone else, but we are talking on the whole here); however, I hinted that there just might be more to come, about our thrilling and exotic life that is, and so far I have failed miserably in that quest.

But truly it is all your fault (yes, you) because every time I even happen to remember that I am a proud owner of such a piece of web property as a blog and that I should probably update it, I become instantly enthralled in everyone else's properties. You are just all too interesting for my hopeless little curiosities.

So I beg of you....STOP BEING SO DANG CAPTIVATING. Or else you will never get to hear about my awesome life. And I know how much you want that...

But in the end, I guess it really is all my fault. Thanks for taking the blame so well....I appreciate it. Truly I do.

In order to save face, moral fiber and to set a good example for posterity...I will catch you up on our life together...which shall we say, has been bliss. The grand majority of the time, anyway.

Back to the catching you up thing...I'm planning on it. Pinky promise.

Just not today.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Finally Home

Well we've now been married for two and a half weeks...and I can honestly say that we have loved every second of it! The wedding, reception and then our honeymoon were all amazing, I'll be sure and post pictures soon. Getting back to normal life full of school and work has been quite the adjustment, but its been so nice to come home to each other after our long days!

We have been living in a cute little apartment that we have dressed up to feel like home. However, we got awesome news today...we will be moving into a townhome we have had our eye on for the past while at the end of April! It will be so nice to have a garage and two bathrooms...we truly are spoiled. And so blessed. More to come!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

15 Days...

So here it goes...our first blog entry! After looking at (and loving) all of our friend's oh-so-cute blogs, I decided we probably should catch up with the times and make one of our own! Ryan and I will be getting married on March 13 (only 15 days!) in the Saint George LDS temple. After that we will settle down a lovely little apartment (location still to be determined...) and start our lives together...hopefully in wonderful newlywed bliss! Wish us luck!